Triple Action Poly Salt-Free Water Softener Review

Hard water can damage your plumbing system, clothes, hair, and many home appliances. If you are living with hard water, it will create several problems like that. Generally, we use a water softener to solve these problems. There are many types of water softener on the market. Some of them are salt-based and some salt-free water softener. If you are looking for a water softener not using salt then read our triple-action poly salt-free water softener review. It will help you to find the best water softener system for your home.

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Product Features

  • Product Dimensions: 4.5 X 4.5 X 10 inches
  • Item Weight: 4 pounds
  • Flow Rate: 30 GPM
  • Water Pressure: 140 psi
  • Color: Blue

Salt-based softener softens your water easily, but salt-free one is not effective like that. Normally, the salt-free system works as a conditioner but bullet poly is totally different from them. If you want a water softener, filter and conditioner in one pack, bullet poly triple action water softener will be perfect. Triple action poly salt-free water softener is three in one product.

Best features bullet poly triple action water softener comes with

There are a lot of water softeners on the market. Most of them have common features and quality. But, the hard water bullet poly triple action water softener has some unique features and quality. Let’s know about that-

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i. 3 in 1 Softener System

Some water softeners are very effective to soften water. Some of them are not so effective to soften water. They work as a water filter or conditioner. But poly triple action water softener is a combination of water filter, scale control, and siliphos treatment. The scale control system of hard water bullet poly triple action water softener break-down the calcium scale into crystal form and prevent them to attach with plumbing pipes. It has a 2-micron size filter, which is quite capable to remove industrial sediments, bacteria, intestinal parasites, and a little amount of iron.

ii. Compact and Lightweight Design

The triple-action bullet poly water softener is one of the best salt-free systems. It is famous for its compact and lightweight design. Some water softener is big and they need a huge space to set-up. The triple-action bullet poly water softener can solve this problem. The product weight is just 4 pounds and the dimension is 4.5 x 4.5 x 10 inches. It’s a great unit to install in outdoor or restricted areas.

iii. Tasty water with essential minerals

Hard water bullet poly triple action water softener softens water by the combination of polyphosphate and the screen filter. It removes calcium carbonate but calcium and other necessary minerals remain there. These minerals are very useful for our body. Containing minerals taste the water great. That means you will get healthy water without hard-water effects. The excellent water flow rate is another good point of bullet poly water softener which is 30 GPM. 

iv. BPA free plastic body

BPA is a chemical compound that is used in plastic products. Scientifically it is known as Bisphenol A. Most of the plastic companies use it for better strength of the product. But it is very harmful to our bodies. It affects the activity of hormones of our body, especially on the Estrogen. Triple action poly salt-free water softener uses BPA free plastic body. So, no health hazard issue here.

v. Triple action poly salt-free water softener: No resin, no regeneration

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Resin is a must needed components of salt-based water softener. Bullet poly is a salt-free system and don’t use resin. It uses polyphosphate media to soften water. Polyphosphate dosing is a very popular method of water treatment.

Regeneration is a common process in salt-based water softening. When this process occurs, you will not get soft water. But, bullet poly will supply you with soft water always.

vi. Warranty and Certification

Warranty is one of the main considerations before buying a water softener. The triple-action poly salt-free water softener comes with a lifetime warranty on catalytic core and 2 years on all housing parts. It also provides 3 months complete satisfaction warranty. It is an NSF certified water softener. So there is no doubt about its quality. 

Performance of Triple Action Poly Salt-free Water Softener

Though bullet poly triple action water softener doesn’t use salt but it’s no less effective than any salt-based water softener. Also, you can avoid the negative aspects of using a salt-based water softener. It can easily resist solid minerals like calcium, magnesium, and other contaminants of water. It will prolong the lifetime of your home appliance and plumbing system by preventing scale build-up.

The triple-action poly salt-free water softener doesn’t waste water when softening water. Using this water softener will keep you free from the worry of buying the best salt for water softeners and refilling them regularly. This water softener uses polyphosphate and usually does not need to be refilled more than once a year.

Working Mechanism of Poly Salt-free Water Softener

You may have known that (we mentioned above) bullet poly triple action water softener uses polyphosphate to solve the problem of hard water. It prevents hard minerals from accumulating in the pipe or any other surface through polyphosphate coating. The dissolving rate of the polyphosphate is very slow. When the polyphosphate comes in contact with hard minerals of the water, the minerals lose their ability to stick to any surface.

The treated water goes through the siliphos treatment part. After that, conditioned water passes through the micro screen filter to remove micro contaminants.

Installation and maintenance of poly salt-free water softener

Hard water bullet poly triple action water softener needs a small area for installation. Its installation process is also hassle-free. It comes completely pre-assembled with the pre-loaded phosphate beads, so you will not face any hassle. Most of the water softeners installation cost is high but bullet poly will save your money in this case. The maintenance system of bullet poly is also easy. The projected lifespan of Phosphate crystal is 10 -12 months but you should check the level every six months. You will be free from hassle-free replacement. Its stainless steel made filter is reusable and easy to clean. You need not worry about its installation and maintenance.

Advantages of Bullet Poly Triple Action Water Softener

  • The system can be installed anywhere of the home because of its weatherproof body. 
  • It’s a salt-free water softener system. So you have no need resin, no regeneration, no calculation of using water.
  • Removes hardness but stays all beneficial minerals of water. So you will get soft water along with necessary minerals. 
  • BPA free plastic body – no health hazard issue.
  • NSF certified.
  • Completely replaceable media.
  • 3 months complete satisfaction guarantee and 2 years warranty on all parts of the system.
  • Environmentally friendly- not harmful for the drainage system.


Despite having lots of good points, it has some bad aspects. Let’s know-

  • It is unable to remove chloramines
  • Doesn’t remove iron completely 
  • Inlet connectors are 1 inch in diameter- you may need to buy it.

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