PUR Classic Vs Ultimate Pitcher Filter 2021 (Reviews & Comparison)

A pitcher filter is the easiest way to eliminate contaminants from water. These filtration systems also improve the quality and taste of drinking water. They are as effective in water purification as they are portable, easy to use, and require almost no maintenance. Pitcher filters are also quite affordable. PUR is a well-known and popular brand in the field of water purification. In the article of PUR classic VS ultimate, we have compared two best performing series of PUR pitcher filters. We have also added individual short reviews and a buying guide so that you can easily pick a good pitcher filter.

PUR Classic VS Ultimate Pitcher Water Filter: Quick Comparison

FeaturesPUR ClassicPUR Ultimate
Contaminants They Remove99 percent lead with 22 other contaminantsOver 70 contaminants with lead & chlorine
Storage Capacity7 Cup, 11 Cup, 18 Cup7 Cup, 11 Cup, 18 Cup
Filter Changing Indicator?YesYes
Filter Capacity (per Filter)40 Gallons30 Gallons
Best Seller Rank17 in Pitcher Filters51 in Pitcher Filters
NSF Standard42, 53, 40142, 53, 401
Warranty90 days90 days

PUR Classic VS Ultimate Pitcher Filter: Individual Reviews

The tap water you are using may look clean, but it can contain health hazard pollutants and contaminants from traveling through your plumbing pipe. In this section, we have reviewed two classic and two ultimate pitcher filters of PUR. Let’s take a look-

PUR Classic 11-cup Water Filter Pitcher

PUR CR1100CV Classic11 cup Water Filter Pitcher Filtration System

Product Information

  • Dimension11.25 X 6.75 X 10.63 inches
  • Weight2 pounds
  • Filter Capacity40 gallons
  • CertificationWQA & NSF42, 53, 401
  • Warranty90 days

PUR classic 11-cup water filter comes with special design and features to make it pleasant to the users. It features an easy to fill lid and a filter life indicator. The handle of PUR classic 11-cup water filter is easy and comfortable to grip. The filter-life indicator shows the actual condition of the filter.

This pitcher filtration system contains a PUR-PPF900Z filter, and it’s certified to remove 2X contaminants compared to similar others. PUR classic 11-cup water filtration system offers different buying options. You can choose from a filtration system with one, two, or three extra filters.  You should use a genuine PUR replacement filter for better performance.

BPA free body, lock design for secure filter fit, comfort grip handle, easy-fill lid, pour spout cover, filter change light makes the PUR 11-cup water filter pitcher unique.


  • Large capacity
  • Reasonable price compared other brands
  • Better filtration capacity than BRITA pitcher filter
  • Comfortable grip handle
  • Lock fit design
  • Pour spot cover


  • When the battery dies, there is no alternative to replace it.

PUR Classic 18-cup Water Filter Pitcher Dispenser


Product Information

  • Dimension17.2 X 12.8 X 6.2 inches
  • Weight4.84 pounds
  • Filter Capacity40 gallons
  • CertificationWQA & NSF42, 53, 401
  • Warranty90 days

PUR classic 18-cup pitcher is a large capacity water filtration system. This pitcher filter can serve 18 glasses of water in a day. The dispenser of PUR classic can hold up to 1.125 gallons of water. It’s enough for a small to medium family. That’s the main reason for its popularity.

The PUR classic 18 cup water filter pitcher comes with a space-saving design. You can fit it easily in your fridge for water storage. It’s also easy to clean and refill in the sink for the slim design.

No doubt, PUR is the most popular brand in the field of water treatment products. This filtration system is NSF certified to remove up to 22 common contaminants including mercury and pharmaceutical waste. It is NSF certified to reduce up to 96 percent of mercury and pharmaceutical pollutants. PUR classic is also capable of removing the taste of chlorine and odors.

This PUR classic 18-cup pitcher dispenser is very easy to use. You can enjoy great tasting drinking water by using this excellent water filter pitcher.


  • Uses MAXION filter technology
  • Larger storage capacity
  • Removes 96% of mercury
  • Also removes chlorine taste and odors
  • Space-saving design
  • Leak-free & lock fit design


  • When the battery dies LED is useless

PUR Ultimate Water Filter pitcher with Lead Reduction, 11-Cup Filter

pur classic vs ultimate pitcher filter


Product Information

  • Dimension11.25 X 6.40 X 10.80 inches
  • Weight2.25 pounds
  • Filter Capacity30 gallons
  • CertificationWQA & NSF42, 53, 401
  • Warranty90 days

PUR ultimate pitcher with lead reduction filter is a WQA certified water filtration system. This pitcher filter can reduce 99 percent of lead and 22 other contaminants from water. You will get 30 gallons of filtered water from each filter.

This is one of the best-selling products among the lead reducing pitcher filters.  PUR ultimate lead-reducing filter is also eliminates plastic waste. It’s an affordable pitcher filtration system that can save you up to $1000 per year.

Based on the comparison by NSF, PUR ultimate pitcher filter can reduce 3X contaminants than Brita pitcher filter.

pur classic vs advanced

This pitcher filtration system also features a filter-life indicator that will remind you when to change the filter.

Enjoy the contaminants-free bottled like water with this excellent pitcher filter.


  • Large size, no need to refill more than twice in a day
  • Lead reducing filter reduces up to 99 percent of lead
  • Removes 99.99 percent of microbial cysts, more than 96 percent of mercury and pharmaceutical contaminants
  • Comfortable handle
  • LED filter status indicator
  • Takes small space in the kitchen


  • PUR lead reducing filter have only 30 gallons filtering capacity

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PUR Ultimate 18-cup Water Filter Pitcher Dispenser

pur vs ultimate pitcher


Product Information

  • Dimension15.8 X 5.6 X 10.3 inches
  • Weight3.99 pounds
  • Filter Capacity30 gallons or 1-2 months
  • CertificationWQA &42, 53, 401
  • Warranty90 days

PUR ultimate 18-cup is a higher-capacity water filter dispenser. It’s a standard filtration system for the families consist of 2-3 peoples.

Your tap water may contain potentially harmful pollutants that you can’t see. Some contaminants also picked up when your water passes through the old pipe. PUR ultimate 18-cup pitcher filter removes these contaminants and makes your water cleaner and Purer.

PUR ultimate water filter pitcher reduces more than 70 contaminants. This filtration system uses activated carbon and ion exchange method to make the water Purer. You will get bottled like water at affordable prices.

The lead-reducing filter of it is WQA certified to reduce 99 percent of lead and 22 other contaminants. It also features a clean sensor monitor that will remind you when to change the filter.

Enjoy the clean and contaminant-free water with this excellent water filter pitcher dispenser.


  • WQA & NSF certified product
  • Larger storage capacity with space-saving design
  • Special fill tray design
  • Reduces more than 70 contaminants
  • 3X more effective compared to similar brand
  • Reduces lead and heavy metals


  • Filtration capacity is only 30 gallons (per filter)

PUR Classic vs Ultimate Key Features

PUR offers 3 different types of pitcher filters. And, all of them are certified for their filtering capacity. For more information, PUR replacement filters are interchangeable and fit with all pitchers. Let’s know more about PUR Basic, Classic, and Ultimate pitcher filter-

PUR Ultimate Pitcher Filter

PUR Ultimate is expensive among the 3 pitcher filter models. However, this pitcher water filter can remove more than 70 contaminants from your drinking water. These ultimate pitcher filters are certified by NSF and WQA for removing most contaminants. Besides, PUR Lead Reduction filter eliminates lead and other chemicals from your water.

PUR Classic Pitcher Filter

PUR classic pitcher filter is also certified for removing 24 contaminants in total. It is NSF 42, 53, 401 certified for the capacity of removing chlorine, benzene, cyst, BPA, cadmium, etc.

PUR Basic Filter

PUR Basic is a faster filtration system. And, it’s capable to remove up to 14 contaminants. PUR basic filters are also standard 42, 53, and 401 certified by NSF. It’s a better choice for quick drinking water filtration.

PUR Basic, Classic, and Ultimate Pitcher Filter Setup Process (Video)

If you are a proud owner of a PUR basic, classic or ultimate water filtration system, you should follow the easy steps to set up your unit.

  1. Firstly, soak your filter for 15 minutes and clean the pitcher, lid, pour tray with soapy water.
  2. Then, flush the filter for 10-15 seconds before place into the system. You should push down and twist to set it properly.
  3. After that, your pitcher filter is ready to use. Now pour the water and enjoy pure and filtered drinking water.

PUR Basic, Classic, and Ultimate Pitcher Filter Maintenance

You don’t need much maintenance for pitcher filtration systems. Just observe the filter change indicator light to change the filter when need.

PUR Pitcher Filter Manual

You can find the PUR basic, classic, and ultimate pitcher filter manual on PUR’s website.

Pros of PUR Classic or Ultimate water pitcher and Dispenser

BPA-free Plastic Body

All the body parts of PUR classic or ultimate are BPA-free. So, no health hazard issue here.

Removes more Contaminants

Most of the PUR classic or ultimate pitcher filters are WQA and NSF certified. They are capable to remove a higher number of contaminants compared to similar brands available on the market. PUR lead reduction filter can eliminate almost 100 percent of lead from drinking water.

Different Capacity

PUR produces pitcher filters of different capacities. Each type of PUR pitcher filters like Basic, Classic, or Ultimate comes in a different size. You can choose your perfect one from PUR 7 Cup, 11 Cup, 18 Cup pitcher filters according to your needs.

PUR Classic vs Ultimate: PUR Water Filter Pitcher Cons

  1. PUR is the leading brand in the water filtration sector in the USA. They produce quality pitcher filters for consumers. The main problem with the PUR pitcher filter is clogging. Most users claim that the pitcher filters are clogging after using some days.
  2. PUR is developing their product and they suggest some instructions to fix the problem. You can shake or flush your PUR pitcher filter under tap water to solve the issue.
  3. The not replaceable indicator battery is another negative side of the PUR pitcher filters and dispensers. Once the battery runs out, the indicator will no longer work.

PUR Classic VS Ultimate: Short Buying Guide

How to Choose The Best Pitcher Filter

You should consider some important factors before buying a pitcher filter. Let’s know about them-

Water Quality of Your Home

Considering the water quality of your home should be the first priority when buying the best pitcher filter for you. Contaminants of water in different areas are not the same. So, determine the water quality of your home before buying any pitcher filter.

Filtration Capacity

Most of the pitcher filtration systems that are available on the market are capable to filter out common contaminants. PUR lead reduction pitcher filter removes harmful lead from drinking water. If you have lead in your drinking water then we suggest you buy a lead filter.


Pitcher filter is low pricing water filtration system. We think the price is not so important here. you can buy a pitcher filter ranging from $25 to $50.

Benefits of Using a Pitcher Filter

The benefits of using a pitcher filter are a lot. Let’s take a look-

Effective Filtration System

Pitcher filter is very effective to remove contaminants from water. Most of the pitcher filters are quite capable to remove common contaminants that may appear in the home water. Some pitcher filters also remove lead, chromium, and other harmful heavy metals.

pur ultimate water dispenser reviews

Low Cost

The purchase cost of a pitcher filter is affordable. It cost $15 – $60 depending on the various model. Some pitcher filters also come with extra filters, which will further reduce your expenses.

Easily Portable

The pitcher filter is easily portable. Clean drinking water is not a requirement only at home. Many people want to carry their filtration system when traveling to get clean and contaminants-free water. A pitcher filter is the best way for them to get filtered water. 

Large Storage Capacity

Large storage capacity is another advantage of using a pitcher filter. Some water filter pitchers (like PUR classic and ultimate 18-cup) can store 18 glasses of water at a time. You can use this stored water at any time. 

Easy of Use

A pitcher filter is easy to use. No Installation is required. Just fill the jug and enjoy filtered water. Changing the filter every few months is your only job.

PUR Classic Vs Ultimate: Unboxing & Review Video

PUR Classic Vs. Ultimate: FAQs

1. Where to Buy PUR Filters?

PUR filters are available in any hardware store or online. You can buy it from Amazon, eBay, or any other online market. The PUR classic filter is the most affordable option for homeowners. On the other hand, PUR ultimate filter is expensive but powerful.
The PUR classic and ultimate pitcher filters have similar dimensions. But, PUR Ultimate filters are much powerful and last long. PUR classic is the better option who wants the cheapest one. However, they perform great for those who have pets or suffer from allergies.

2. Is PUR pitcher replacement filter 6pk available online?

Yes, PUR pitcher replacement filter 6pk is available online. PUR classic and PUR ultimate replacement filters both are available on Amazon.com. You will be eligible for free shipping if you order more than $25.

3. How Long Do PUR Pitcher Replacement Filters Last?

PUR pitcher filters are one of the most popular on the market. But do you know which is better? PUR classic or PUR ultimate?
Let’s find out!

PUR Classic Pitcher Filters: The classic filter can provide up to 150 gallons or 3-months of clean drinking water. It has a long lifespan because of its heavier-gauge plastic.

PUR Ultimate Pitcher Filters: The ultimate filter can provide up to 400 gallons or 9 months of clean drinking water. The thicker gauge plastic makes it more durable than PUR classic pitcher filter.
When it comes to life span, the ultimate filter wins by far!

4. How can I get PUR Water Filter Instructions?

When you buy a PUR pitcher filter, you will get an instruction guide. PUR water filter instruction is available on the PURs website. You can also collect it from many other online sources.

PUR Classic Vs Ultimate Pitcher Filter: Conclusion

The pitcher water filters we have listed in our reviews will improve the taste and quality of your drinking water. They will remove the health hazard contaminants from both well and city water. You can buy one of them for your family at a cheap price. We will be glad if our article “PUR classic VS ultimate pitcher filter” helps to make your decision. Please share this article with your friend. Thank you for staying with us.

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