Genesis Water Softener Reviews | Most Efficient 5

We use water softener to convert hard water into soft water. Most of the water softeners use ion exchange method to remove the minerals from hard water. In our genesis water softener reviews, we have reviewed the genesis premier 48,000 grain, genesis econosoft 24,000 grain, genesis revolution 80,000 grain, genesis duo 32,000 grain, and genesis 2 high efficiency 64,000 grain water softeners. We included the information of the up-flow and down-flow system, their performance, installation procedure, features, efficiency, expected lifetime, price and maintenance. You can select appropriate one from our reviewed 5 most efficient water softeners by genesis.

We have selected the best models for city water, well water with sulfur and iron, and different grain capacity for household size. Some models have the down-flow regeneration system and some others have an upgraded up-flow design.

We believe that our review and buying guide will help you to select the best water softener which is right for you. Let’s start..

Genesis Water Softener Reviews: Comparison Table

genesis water softener reviewsGenesis PremierCapacity: 48,000 grain
Flow Rate: 13 GPM
Backwash Rate: 2 GPM
Household size: 3-5 peoples
Regeneration: Meter based
Genesis water softener reviewsGenesis EconosoftCapacity: 24,000 grain
Flow Rate: 8 GPM
Household size: 1-4 peoples (depends on hardness level)
Regeneration: Meter based
good housekeeping water softenersGenesis DuoCapacity: 32,000 grain
Dimensions: 52x18x62 inches
Flow Rate: 7.2 GPM
Household size: 3-4 peoples
Regeneration: Meter based
genesis water softener reviewsGenesis-2 High EfficientDimensions: 30x18x56 inches
Capacity: 64,000 Grain
Flow rate: 17 GPM
Backwash rate: 3.5 GPM
Genesis revolution 80000 grain Genesis RevolutionDimensions: 31X18X63 inches
Capacity: 80,000 Grain
Flow rate: 23 GPM
Household size: 4 -7 peoples

Genesis Premier Water Softener 48,000 Grains

Product Features

  • Capacity: 48,000 grain
  • Flow Rate: 13 GPM
  • Backwash Rate: 2 GPM
  • Household size: 3-5 peoples (depends on hardness level)
  • Regeneration: Meter based
  • Warranty: 10 years on control head; lifetime on tanks
genesis water softener reviews

This is an on-demand and digital metered water softener. We are talking about genesis premier 48,000 grains model. Genesis premier water softeners can track the water uses and regenerate when it reaches its filtering capacity.

There are many benefits of using a genesis premier water softener. First is that the system has an on-demand control head with LED display. The system regenerates based on water uses and LED display shows last regeneration time, current flow rate and filtering capacity before the next regeneration. It will relieve you from reprogramming. All data will be saved even the power goes out. By using this genesis premier you will get softer water as the meter shows accurate counts of remaining grain capacity of the tank.

Another benefit of this genesis water softener is the up-flow regeneration system. The up-flow regeneration system uses less salt and water. The up-flow water flow also washes the resin with much pressure and keeps it clean. That helps the resin to last longer. That means it will save you money.

The third benefit of premier water softener is that it flushes resin tank in every seven days and releases containing stored water from it. Bacteria can grow in this stored water. When you need to travel for a long period you don’t have to worry about bacteria-contaminated water after coming back.

The fourth benefit of genesis water softener is longer warranty period. Warranty is an important issue when you buy any product. It provides 10 years warranty on control head and lifetime on both tanks. The water flow rate of Genesis premier 48 000 grain water softeners is 15 gallons per minute. It is enough for a small or medium family.

The package contains a resin tank, a large brine tank, a digital on-demand meter, two bypasses with integrated turbine meter, 1.5 cubic feet resin, and a tank jacket. Brine tank can hold up to 200 pounds of salt. The black tank jacket reduces the sweating of the tank. 10% crosslink resin is highly durable and more capable to fight against hard water.

Genesis premier 48 000 grain is an economical choice and it works good with both city and well water, but this size might not be perfect for you. You can select smaller or larger sizes according to the hardness of your home water. Keep reading our genesis water softener reviews until you pick the best one.


  • Easy programming system
  • Uses salt-saving technology
  • Designed for easy installation
  • 10% crosslink highly graded resin
  • Up-flow regeneration 
  • Automatic refreshing system
  • Excellent warranty on control head and tanks


  • Doesn’t remove fluoride
  • No PEX tube included in this package which is needed for installation

Genesis EconoSoft Water Softener (24,000 grain)

Product Features

  • Capacity: 24,000 grain
  • Flow Rate: 8 GPM
  • Household size: 1-4 peoples (depends on hardness level)
  • Regeneration: Meter based
  • Warranty: 7 years on control head; lifetime on tanks


Genesis water softener reviews

Genesis Econosoft water softener is the second product on the list of our genesis water softener reviews. It is also an on-demand, digital metered water softener like genesis premier. It’s one of the best downflow units in the market. The capacity of this model is 24,000 grains and it’s a perfect water softener for a small family.

This system is designed for easy installation and comes with all equipment. You can easily set your grain capacity. After set the program, the digital metered control head of this system will start to count the water (gallon) you use. This water softener regenerates automatically when we use enough water for its grain capacity.

It’s a very economical water softener for a small family or who has relatively soft water at his / her home. Genesis Econosoft models are the most efficient water softeners in the market. City water is pre-treated water and it contains lower hardness mineral than well water. So, you can use this softener for city water. Genesis Econosoft on-demand water softener provides 10% cross-link highly graded resin. This resin works well against city water and lasts longer than conventional 8% crosslink resin.

The water flow rate of genesis Econosoft 24,000 grain water softener is 8 gallons per minute and it’s enough for 1-2 peoples. Its enough to run two showers, a dishwasher, a washing machine and a kitchen faucet.

Genesis econosoft has 32,000, 40,000 and 48,000 grain sizes. You can purchase any sizes from them. The Econosoft water softener comes with 7 years warranty on control head and lifetime on both tanks.


  • 1.25 cubic ft. highly crosslink resin
  • Digital controlled on-demand meter
  • Salt grid and safety overflow assembly
  • Automatic regeneration system
  • Easy to program
  • 7 years warranty on control head, a lifetime on resin tank


  • Down-flow regeneration system and uses much salt and water than similar up-flow one
  • Water flow rate is 8 GPM which is not enough for middle and big family

Genesis Duo Water Softener (32,000 grain)

Product Features

  • Capacity: 32,000 grain
  • Dimensions: 52x18x62 inches
  • Flow Rate: 7.2 GPM
  • Household size: 3-4 peoples (depends on hardness level)
  • Regeneration: Meter based
  • Warranty: 10 years on control head; lifetime on tanks
good housekeeping water softeners

Genesis 2 duo 32,000 grain is one of the great water softeners that come with advanced features and simple design. It is designed for easy programming and installation. This softener system follows “set and forget” method. You do not need to worry about resetting or reprogramming if once set the program. Its ‘no touch’ display system will show you the key information like flow rate, last regeneration date, and the remaining volume of next regeneration. The non-volatile memory standard system of Genesis 2 duo water softener will never lost your data.

The benefits of genesis 2 duo water softener are almost the same as the premier model. The system contains an easily-programmable control head with an LED display, 10% crosslink 1 cubic catalytic carbon (highest durable and capacity resin).

The water flow rate of genesis 2 duo 32,000 grain is 7 GPM. The large brine tank (14×14) is capable to hold 200 lbs of salt. Safety float prevents accidental overflow. Most notable thing is that this softener will save 6,480 lbs of salt and 28,900 gallons of water compared to similar downflow one. This water softener is also capable to remove chlorine.

Genesis water softener manufacturer provides an excellent warranty of this model. It comes with 10 years warranty on control head and lifetime on both tanks. Don’t select any product before reading pros and corn section of genesis water softener reviews.


  • 1 cubic ft. 10% crosslink resin
  • Digital controlled on-demand meter
  • Up-flow regeneration system
  • Removes chlorine and chloramines from water 
  • Salt grid and safety overflow assembly
  • Automatic refreshing system
  • Easy programmable meter head
  • No need to reprogram
  • Excellent warranty on control head (10 years) and tanks (lifetime).


  • Minimum 15 psi water pressure needed
  • Not perfect for a middle or large family

You can see the review on ABC waters fleck 48,000 grain water softener

Genesis 2 64,000 Grain Water Softener

Product Features

  • Capacity: 64,000 Grain
  • Flow rate:17 GPM
  • Backwash rate:3.5 GPM
  • Dimensions: 30x18x56 inches
  • Warranty:7 years on control head and lifetime on tanks
  • Color:Black
genesis water softener reviews

This water softener will be great for well water with iron, sulfur, manganese. If your home water contains these minerals at a high level, you can select the genesis 2 high efficiency 64,000 grain up-flow water softener. This water softener uses salt and water-saving technology and it will save 12,960 lbs. of salt and 60,480 gallons of water for a family of 4. The digital metered valve of genesis 2 water softener measures the amount of water you are using and regenerates based on it.

Genesis 2 64,000 grain up-flow water softener comes with a digital control head, a brine tank, a resin tank, ¾ inch, and 1-inch unique bypass with turbine meter and 8% crosslink 2 cubic feet resin. The water flow rate of 64,000 grain is 17 GPM. The dimension of the resin tank is 12×52 inches and it comes with a lifetime warranty. Genesis 2 provides 7 years warranty on control head a lifetime warranty on brine tank. The large brine tank holds over 300 pounds of salt and the dimension of it is 18×33 inches. The system also provides a tank jacket that reduces the sweating of the tank.

Automatic refreshing system of the genesis 2 water softener flushes unused water after every seven days and prevents bacterial growth in water. This is one of the most efficient water softeners to well water with iron, sulfur, and manganese.

All the genesis water softener installation system is easy and this model provides all the fittings you need to install it. We will request you to read the genesis water softener reviews by consumers on amazon. 

This is genesis-2 64,000 grain water softener but you can purchase smaller or maximum 96,000 sizes of this model.


  • 2 cubic feet 8% crosslink resin
  • Excellent warranty
  • Easy installation system
  • Reduces salt and water uses
  • Removes iron, sulfur, and manganese


Not perfect for the small family

Genesis Revolution 80,000 Grain Water Softener

Product Features

  • Capacity: 80,000 Grain
  • Flow rate: 23 GPM
  • Dimensions: 31X18X63 inches
  • Household size: 4 -7 peoples
  • Electrical Power requirement: 120 volts, 60 Hz
  • Warranty: 10 years on control head, a lifetime on tanks
Genesis revolution 80000 grain

There are different grain sizes of the revolution water softener. You can select any size ranging from 32,000 to 96,000 according to your needs. They are the most flexible water softener and you have many options to select perfect size from them. Now we will talk about the genesis revolution 80,000 grain capacity.

The flow rate of genesis water softener 80,000 grain is 23 gallons per minute. It has a large internal port and that allows for high flow rate. It’s an ideal model for large families consist of 5 or more peoples. Like other softeners of genesis, revolution comes with a digital metered control head and calculates the amount of brine that is needed for regeneration.

The up-flow regeneration feature of genesis revolution can save a significant amount of salt and water. It can save 75 percent of salt and 64 percent water in each regeneration cycle compared to similar down-flow one. The revolution has a short recharge cycle system to keep a supply with soft water until 2 AM regeneration cycle.

Like genesis premier water softener, it also provides 10% crosslink resin. The control head is easily programmable and has an LED display. The genesis revolution comes with all installation fittings. You can enjoy better drinking water by using this revolution 80,000 grain water softener.

The revolution comes with impressive warranty, including 10 years on digital control valve and a lifetime warranty on tanks.


  • Large port included in the package for highest flow rate
  • Different grain capacity available
  • Quick and easy programmable digital control head
  • Salt and water saving up-flow regeneration system
  • High durable 10% crosslink resin
  • Capable to remove chlorine and chloramines
  • Covered by excellent warranties
  • ·         


  • Relatively pricey

Having Additional Problem with Hard Water ?

Best for Well Water With Iron: Genesis Iron Pro Max Water Softener

Product Features

  • Dimensions: 27 X 13 X 56 inches
  • Capacity: 32,000 grain
  • Available Grain Sizes: 40,000; 48,000; 64,000; 80,000 Grains
  • Flow Rate: 14 GPM
  • Backwash Rate: 2 GPM
  • Iron Removal Capacity: 7 ppm
  • Regeneration: On demand Meter based
  • Warranty: 10 years on control head; lifetime on tanks
single tank water softener price comparison

The Genesis Iron Pro Max is the most advanced water softener on the market. This exclusive Water Softener and Filter comes with the on-demand digital meter controlled regeneration system. It’s an all in one water softener system that can remove both hardness and dissolved iron from water. The Iron Pro Max is capable of removing iron up to 7 ppm. It’s the highest capacity for any single water softener unit that removes both hard minerals and iron.

This exclusive water softener and iron filtration system features a Bluetooth controlled operating system. The Bluetooth Controlled Operating System will make your job easier. You will be able to view current valve settings and water usage information from a laptop or mobile device. You can change any settings from your remote device. Even if you are away, you can turn on the regeneration and backwash cycle by using the Bluetooth feature of your Genesis Max Iron Pro water softener system.

The Genesis Iron Pro Max Water Softener and Iron Filter uses an enhanced piston stabilizer to reduce salt usage up to 30 percent on every regeneration. This water softener also uses SST-60 resin with Rescare Easyfeeder to ensure cleaner resin beads always. Genesis Iron Pro Max is the best water softener for well water with iron.

You can enjoy iron-free soften water with this exclusive water softener.


  • Removes dissolved iron up to 7 ppm
  • Bluetooth Control Operating system available
  • On-demand meter controlled regeneration system
  • Easily changing valve setting system
  • Available different sizes


  • Not perfect for city water

Genesis Water Softener Reviews: Best Overall

Genesis Premier 48,000 Grains Water Softener

We have selected Genesis premier 48,000 grain water softener as the best choice. It’s a mid-sized model and the price is also not much. You will get all the benefits from it at a sustainable price. Let’s see its features-

  • Digital metered control head
  • 15 GPM water flow rate
  • Up-flow regeneration system
  • Easy installation system- comes with two different sizes of fittings
  • LED display shows the next regeneration time and current flow rate
  • Easy programming system
  • Flushes any water after seven days and prevents bacterial growth
  • Excellent warranty on both tanks and control head (10 years on control head and lifetime on both tanks).
genesis water softener reviews

Best for City Water: Genesis Duo Water Softener

Genesis Duo is the best choice for city water to us. Genesis Duo 48,000 grain water softener is a great selection for the value of your money. Let’s see the features it comes with-

  • Catalytic carbon removes chlorine and chloramines that are the common contaminants in city water
  • Removes hard minerals perfectly
  • On-demand metered control head reduces salt and water wastage
  • Upflow brining process
  • Automatic backwashing system
  • Available different grain sizes (32,000; 40,000; 48,000; 64,000, & 80,000)
  • Flushes unused water after every 7 days to prevent bacterial growth
  • Lifetime warranty on the salt grid
good housekeeping water softeners

Genesis Water Softener Reviews: How to Choose the Best for You

The important factors in choosing any water softener will be the actual condition and amount of water you are using at one time or throughout the day. If you are looking for a good water softener with a minimum cost that can meet your needs, you should keep in mind some vital things.

Consider the Source of Water

The contaminants of the city and well water are not the same. City water is pre-treated water, and hardness level of it is low but it contains some other contaminants like chlorine and chloramines. On the other hand, well water contains calcium, magnesium, iron, sulfur, and some other metals. So, you should consider it when you buy a water softener for your home. Read about Effects of hard water on skin and hair

Grain Rating

Grain rating is the capacity of any water softener and it will remove this amount of hard minerals before regeneration. The hard minerals are mostly calcium and magnesium. When the water softener reaches its highest capacity, it needs to regenerate. You should measure the actual hardness level of your home water before buying any model.

Price and Quality of Water Softener

Everyone wants the best water softener system within the budget. You will see many cheap water softeners in the market but in the future, they will cost you much. A cheap one will not give you the maximum service you want. So, you should choose the best one from our genesis water softener reviews list that can meet your needs.

Up-flow versus Down-flow System

Video Credit: Discount Water Softeners

You should keep in mind that up-flow regeneration is the latest regeneration system and it will save your salt and water. We always recommend buying the water softener that has an up-flow regeneration system.

If you have any additional problems like iron, chlorine, chloramines in your home water, you should buy a water softener or conditioner based on the specific condition.


It should be considered as the major factor when you buy a water softener system. An efficient water softener will never waste too much salt or water. Some water softeners have Energy Star certification that you can choose as an efficient unit for home use.

Genesis Water Softener Reviews: FAQs

Is Genesis Water Softener Better Choice?

Of course, genesis will be a better choice. But, why? Depending on the efficiency and long term value, we recommend it as a better choice. Most buyers buy water softeners based on price and customer reviews. Genesis uses newer technology and the price is relatively high compared to other brands that use older technology. In the case of genesis, the cost may be a little higher at the beginning, but it will save you money in the future. If you want newer technology then genesis is the number one brand.

Is the Genesis Water Softener Really Expensive?

Genesis doesn’t cost much more than most of the ordinary water softeners. But it will save you at least $1,000 in 15 years. Although you will have to spend more to buy it first, it will save you by reducing the wastage of salt and water. The up-flow regeneration system of genesis water softeners will save your salt and water.

Who Handles the Warranty Issues of Genesis Water Softener?

The Discount Water Softeners handle all warranty issues of Genesis. They also handle the warranty issues of fleck water softeners. The “Discount water softeners” provides a lifetime warranty on both resin and brine tanks. You will get a longer warranty on all parts of the control head.

Can I install My Water Softener Unit?

Of course, you can install your Genesis water softener unit. But we suggest getting it done by a skilled plumber. ‘Discount water softeners’ provides a simple installation and programming instructions. If you have plumbing knowledge, you can install your genesis water softener unit by following the instructions. You can ask any question to their customer support team. However, you should know that Discount Water Softeners doesn’t not take responsibility for improper installation or injury damage.

Who Makes Genesis Water Softeners?

Genesis is a brand of Discount Water softeners. They also manufacture the most popular fleck water softeners. Genesis is the upgraded version of Fleck water softeners. New technology and features have added to ensure a better experience of water softening. The Discount Water Softeners also handles all warranty and technical issues.

Are up-flow water Softeners Better?

Of course, an up-flow water softener is better than a down-flow one. The up-flow water softeners are cost-effective. These water softeners can reduce salt and water wastage. If you have an up-flow water softener system, you will be able to save more than 8,000 pounds of salt.

To continue the softening system efficiently for the family of 4 peoples, a down-flow one uses around 75 pounds of salt. On the other hand, an up-flow water softener uses only 30 pounds for the same family. You can save 8,000 pounds of salt in a year by using an up-flow water softener.

Are Genesis Water Softener Parts Available?

Yes, the parts of Genesis water softeners are available both online and in physical stores. You can buy any parts from different online stores like Amazon, eBay, and lowes. Discount Water Softeners also sell the parts of genesis water softeners.


Genesis uses newer technology to solve your hard water problems. We think our genesis water softener reviews and buying guide will help you to make your decision easy. Thank you for reading this article. Stay safe always.