How to Clean Water Softener System

How to Clean Water Softener System

A water softener is the most important for homeowners who have hard water in their homes. It helps to protect our plumbing system and home appliances from hard water effects. Hard water contains a high range of calcium and magnesium ions. These ions can form structures inside your pipes, and on the skin, home appliances, … Read more

Water Softener Maintenance & Troubleshooting Guide

water softener maintenance & troubleshooting

First, hard water is not so harmful for our health but it can damage your hair, skin, and clothes. Hard water can build-up scales and clogs the pipe. Hard minerals also leave stains on the basin, shower head, bathroom floor, water heater, and other appliances. To solve these problems, most of the families in the … Read more

Water hardness scale for water softener

water hardness scale for water softener

When we experience the effects of hard water at our home, naturally we want to buy a water softener or conditioner to solve the problem. But, do you really need a water softener to solve the problem? Actually, first, you need to measure water hardness scale for water softener. If your home water contains high … Read more

Effects of Hard Water on Skin and Hair

effects of hard water on hair and skin

You may notice the effects of certain products on your hair and skin, but do you know the contribution of water you are using? Skin and hair are the outer part of our body, and we can see the effects with open eyes. If your hair is kinky and straw-like, and skin is rough, dry, … Read more

Drinking Softened Water | some Common Questions

Occasionally some common questions come up when we use a water softener or want to buy it. Now a day we are very conscious of our health. It’s important to know more about softened water. You may have lots of questions about drinking softened water. Don’t worry, I’m with you and this article will answer … Read more

Triple Action Poly Salt-Free Water Softener Review

Hard water can damage your plumbing system, clothes, hair, and many home appliances. If you are living with hard water, it will create several problems like that. Generally, we use a water softener to solve these problems. There are many types of water softener on the market. Some of them are salt-based and some salt-free … Read more

Soft vs Hard Water: Which One Is Better?

Water is classified as hard and soft, depending on the dissolved elements of it. You may have questions about the hardness and softness of your water. We know that water has no color. It looks crystal and clear. But water contains different types of minerals and chemicals. The concentration of certain minerals causes the water … Read more