Effects of Hard Water on Skin and Hair

You may notice the effects of certain products on your hair and skin, but do you know the contribution of water you are using? Skin and hair are the outer part of our body, and we can see the effects with open eyes. If your hair is kinky and straw-like, and skin is rough, dry, itchy or irritated, then they are the effects of hard water on skin and hair. Don’t worry, we are here, and this article is all about hard water effects on hair and skin and the ultimate solution to it.

Effects on hair and skin: what happened?

Hard water contains different types of minerals like calcium, Magnesium, and many other salts in dissolve state. Those minerals make a barrier to form a solution with soap or shampoo. It leaves behind a scummy residue on your skin as well as on hair. If your home water has a high range of hard water minerals, you will notice the white soap scum all over your bathroom floor, fixtures, and showerhead. The same soap scum builds up on your skin but you may not realize the signs of hard water on hair and skin. Like a clogged pipe, your skin pore can be clogged by these scum buildup. These clogged pores can lead to breakouts and create skin problems like hard water acne, eczema rash, etc.

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Hard water effects on skin

Dryness is the most common effect of hard water on skin. Hard water makes difficult to rinse away soap or shampoo from your skin. Hard water can create more problems if you have sensitive skin, psoriasis or eczema. By drying out your skin, it can make the condition worse. The pores of our skin surface distribute natural oils that are produced by human body. 

When hard water clogged the pores, different types of defects like pimple and zit can forms.Natural oil of your body acts as lubricant for the skin but the minerals in hard water prevent to produce it. As a result, we face many problems like dryness and irritation. It appears that you are older than actual age.

hard water rash pictures

The famous dermatologist Dr. Dennis Gross (Youbeauty.com) found that many impurities contain in hard water like iron and magnesium can form free radicals and damage skin cells. Free radicals can breakdown collagen, which is a structural protein of skin and helps to make your skin healthy.

Effects of hard water on hair

You can blame to your home water if feel flaky, irritated scalp and dull or lifeless hair. Your scalp is a part of the skin, and it needs as much hydration as the rest of you. Your hair creates a physical barrier and helps to deposit minerals from hard water on the scalp. The porosity of our hair also helps to get trapped containing hard water minerals.

effects of hard water on hair

After washing your hair with shampoo, you may feel dull, limp or straw-like when you touch it. Hard water can’t dissolve the shampoo fully and it leaves residue on your hair and scalp. Hard water minerals like calcium and magnesium also create bonds with hair. 

These residues weight down your hair and make it dull and lifeless. You could wash your hair several times a day to solve the problem, but each time you will get the same result.

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Does hard water cause permanent hair loss?

Some people believe that hard water causes hair loss but there is no evidence about it. No scientific research  proved that hard water can cause permanent hair loss. Many scientists say that without valid evidence we just believe hard water is harmful to our hair. But some research says something another. Hard water contains a large amount of mineral composition and it could make appear hair dull or lifeless. Hard water also has some negative impacts on hair and we think it also responsible for hair loss.

Even then, some people ask, is it possible to hair loss due to water quality? Hard water may not the main culprit to fall your hair but it is still a problem. If you think your hair is falling rapidly you should go to a dermatologist and it is important to condition your home water using a salt-free water softener.

Is soft water better for your hair and skin?

Soft water is better for hair and skin. Soft water makes it easier to clean your body. It helps to rinse away your soap or shampoo smoothly. That means there will not be left any soap scum residue on your skin and hair. You will be free from a lot of problems caused by hard water. It is really simple to understand that hard water is harsh on your skin but soft water is gentle on it.

Protect your hair and skin with water softener

We can’t change the water quality of our natural source. But it is quite possible to change the quality of our home water. For this, we need to use modern technology.Water softener is that kind of technology and it can solve your hard water problem. There are lots of water softeners in the market but for hair and skin problems, you can use an effective salt-free water softener like aquasana whole house water softener or triple-action poly salt-free water softener

Aquasana Whole House Water Filter System

If you have skin or hair problems, a salt-based water softener will not be perfect. Because it releases salt in softened water that also harms our skin and hair. Salt-free water softener doesn’t remove minerals from your hard water. It only transforms the minerals into crystal form and prevents them to attach with your skin and hair. By using a salt-free water softener you will get smooth and glossy hair and skin. 

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Final words

Hard water might or might not responsible for hair loss but it must affect your hair and skin. There is a lot of proof to indicate its harmful effects. With soft water, we can avoid these negative effects of hard water on skin and hair and can enjoy a healthy and fresh life.

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