How to Clean Water Softener System

A water softener is the most important for homeowners who have hard water in their homes. It helps to protect our plumbing system and home appliances from hard water effects. Hard water contains a high range of calcium and magnesium ions. These ions can form structures inside your pipes, and on the skin, home appliances, and laundries. A good water softener will save you from these kinds of problems. However, do you know how to clean water softener system? Read this article and know about your water softener cleaning process.

How to Clean Water Softener System: Cleaning Parts of a Water Softener

salt-based water softeners work in the same way. The main purpose of using a water softener is to turn hard water into soft water. And, there is no doubt they can do their job perfectly. However, a salt-based water softener consists of three main and some other important parts. Three main parts are the brine tank, resin tank, and control valve. From them, brine tank and resin tank need actual cleaning.

Water Softener Brine Tank

The brine tank is shorter than the resin tank. It holds a highly concentrated water softener salt solution (also called brine) to regenerate the resin beads. A brine tank can hold up to 300 lbs of softening salt. However, when regeneration occurred, brine solution passes through the resin beads. And, the resin beads become ready to soften hard water again.

how to clean a brine tank

Water Softener Resin Tank

how to clean water softener

The main process of water softening takes place in the resin tank. This tank holds a bed of resin beads and is covered with sodium or potassium (If you use potassium chloride salt for water softening) ions. When water flows through the resin beads, hard-causing minerals like calcium and magnesium deposit here.

How to Clean Water Softener System

These parts need to be clean to perform for a long time. So, by reading this article, you will know how to clean your water softener system.

How to Clean Water Softener Brine Tank

A standard water softener system has two tanks. One of them holds resin beads and another tank holds water softener salt. However, this brine tank needs to be cleaned for getting soft water continuously. A water softener’s brine tank should be clean once or twice a year. Though, it depends on different conditions like hardness level and type of salt you are using to soften your water.

Some water softener salts contain many impurities, especially evaporated water softening salt. These insoluble impurities can cause buildup in your water softener’s brine tank. So, you have to clean more often if you are using evaporated or any other impure water softening salt. However, you can follow the instructions for cleaning the brine tank of your water softener.

Shut off the Water Supply

First of all, you have to stop the water supply to your softening system. For that, use the bypass valve to shut off the incoming water to the brine tank.

Disconnect the Brine Tank

The second step is disconnecting the brine tank from your water softening system. So, unplug all the connections from the brine tank to the mineral tank and control head. You should do this very carefully to prevent any damage.

Remove Salty Water

After disconnecting all connections, remove brine water as much as possible. However, don’t throw the brine water on grasses or plants. Because, it contains a high percentage of sodium.

Empty the Remaining Salt from Brine Tank

To make your job easier, empty the remaining salt from the brine tank.

Mix the Cleaning Solution

Take a couple of tablespoons of detergent or dishwashing soap into 1-2 gallons of water. You should not use any harsh chemicals for cleaning your brine tank.

Brush with Cleaning Solution

After mixing the cleaning solution, take a long-handled brush. Then brush into the brine tank with soapy cleaning solution. You have to scrub thoroughly for proper cleaning. Don’t forget to pay much attention to the base and corner of the brine tank.

Rinse with Bleach Water

Now, take a quarter cup of household bleach and mix properly with 2-3 gallons of fresh water. Let the bleach solution sit for 10-15 minutes into the brine tank. After that, use a brush and clean the salt tank thoroughly. Then wash with fresh water.

Reconnect the Brine Tank

Now, your brine tank is clean and it’s ready for reconnecting. Put the brine tank back and reconnect all connections. However, don’t forget to change “Bypass Mode”.

Refill with Water Softener Salt

Firstly, put about 5 gallons of fresh water into the brine tank. Then pour 100 lbs of water softener salt. However, keep the water level 4-6 inches above on the salt platform. Now it’s ready to recharge resin beads.

How to Clean Water Softener System: Conclusion

We are at the end of our article on how to clean water softener system. We hope it will help for cleaning your water softener system. Thanks for reading this article.

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