Good Housekeeping Water Softener Reviews | City & Well Water

A review of the best products for well and municipal or city water. You can select the best one from our top 10 list. We have reviewed fleck 5600sxt 48,000 grain, Aquasana whole house, genesis premier 40,000 grain, ABCwaters 5600sxt Fleck 4800 grain Whirlpool WHES30 30,000 grain, Pentair WS48-56sxt 48000 grain, ABCwaters 5600sxt 48000 grain combo, Waterboss portable 22000 grain, Pelican PSE1800 combo, alternative SpringWell and iSpring ED water softeners. Keep reading our good housekeeping water softener reviews. And, we sincerely believe that you will be able to select the best water softener for your well or city water.

Good Housekeeping Water Softener Reviews: Top Picks

good housekeeping Fleck 5600SXT 48, 000 Grain Water SoftenerFleck 5600sxt 48,00 GrainGrain Size: 48,00 Grains
Flow Rate: 12 GPM
Dimensions: 27X17X62 inches
good housekeeping water softener Aquasana Whole House Water Filter System w Salt-Free Conditioner- Filters Sediment 97% Of Chlorine -Aquasana Whole House Water Softener & Carbon FilterGrain Size: 10,00000 Gallons
Flow Rate: 7 GPM
Dimensions: 9X46X54 inches
good housekeeping water softener reviews of Whirlpool WHES30E 30, 000 Grain SoftenerWhirlpool WHES30 Water SoftenerGrain Size: 30,000 Grains
Flow Rate: 7.6 GPM
Dimensions: 19X18X43.5 inches
good housekeeping water softener Discount-Water-Softeners-Genesis-Premier-40000-Grain-Water-SoftenerGenesis Premier 40,00 GrainGrain Size: 40,00 Grains
Flow Rate: 13 GPM
Dimensions: 24X18X52 inches
good housekeeping water softener for city wPentair-WS48-56sxt10-Fleck-water-softeneraterPentair WS48 56sxt10 Fleck 48,000 GrainGrain Size: 48,00 Grains
Flow Rate: 14 GPM
Dimensions: 10X10X54 inches
good housekeeping water softenerABC waters Fleck 5600sxt 48,000 Grain Water Softener & Carbon FilterGrain Size: 48,00 Grains
Flow Rate: 14 GPM
Dimensions: 54X10X10 inches
good housekeeping water softener reviews pelican pse 1800Pelican PSE1800 Whole House SoftenerGrain Size: Carbon Series
Flow Rate: 15 GPM
Dimensions: 19X32X59.5 inches

1. Good Housekeeping Water Softener Reviews on Fleck 5600sxt 48000 Grains

good housekeeping Fleck 5600SXT 48, 000 Grain Water Softener

Fleck 5600sxt Water Softener Features

  • Capacity: 48,000 Grains
  • Flow rate: 12 GPM
  • Dimensions: 27*17*62 inches
  • Weight: 8 pounds
  • Water consumption: 3 GPM
  • Warranty: 5 years warranty on control head and 10 years on tank.
  • Household sizes: 4/5 people
  • Certification: energy star

Fleck is a well-known name for its quality. Fleck 5600SXT water softener is made by fleck itself. It’s a high- quality softener for both well and city water. It can filter up to 50 grains per gallon of hard water minerals. City water contains chlorine along with calcium and magnesium. Fleck 5600SXT water softener removes not only calcium and magnesium ion but also chlorine, iron, and sulfur too. These iron and sulfur can damage your water supply line and decrease the shinning of your cloths. Containing chlorine from city water smells bad. If you and your family use city or municipal water with containing calcium, iron, sulfur, and chlorine then Fleck 5600SXT will be best.

The Fleck 5600sxt 48,000 grains model will be a great selection for a small family like 4-5 peoples. This softener uses the ion-exchange method to remove containing minerals. Fleck 5600sxt will help you to extend the lifetime of your plumbing and home appliance by removing calcium, magnesium, iron, and sulfur.

Its digital meter measures water usage and regenerates as needed. You can adjust the capacity of water use or minimize salt use by using its digital control system. All installation and operating equipment like a mineral tank, resin, control head, brine tank with safety float and instruction guide are included in this package. Provided safety float prevents accidental overfilling and make it safer. The 1-inch bypass valve of this water softener system makes it easy to connect with the plumbing line without shutting off the main water supply.

The standard brine tank of this good housekeeping water softener holds used salt for regeneration. The installation process is fairly easy. If you have some basic knowledge in the plumbing section, you will be able to install it. For installation and answer the most commonly asked questions, you can follow the provided instruction guide.

Pros of Fleck 5600SXT Water Softener

  • Excellent grain capacity for the medium families consist of up to 6 people
  • It comes with a pre-loaded resin tank
  • Very effective for both city and well water
  • Good consumer service
  • Both automatic and capacity based regeneration systems are available
  • Easy-to-use digital control panel
  • Can soften up to 12 gallons of water per minute(GPM), though the peak performance is 28 GPM
  • Covers the water-related needs of up to 6 people in a household
  • Brine tank with a safety float
  • 5-year warranty on the valve
  • 10-year warranty on the tank

Cons of Fleck 5600SXT Water Softener

  • Not capable eliminating sulfur
  • Some parts of this softener system is plastic made
  • Additional drainage tubing needs to buy separately for proper installation 
  • Some users complained that there was a problem with the LCD screen

2. Aquasana Whole House Water Softener and Carbon Filter

Aquasana Features

  • Size: 10,00000 Gallon
  • Flow rate: 7 GPM
  • Dimension: 9*46*54 inches
  • Item weight: 10 pounds
  • Warranty: 10 years
good housekeeping water softener Aquasana Whole House Water Filter System w Salt-Free Conditioner- Filters Sediment 97% Of Chlorine -

The Aquasana whole house water softener is not only a water softener but also a filter. We enlisted it in our good housekeeping water softener reviews for the better performance with city water.It’s a salt-free softener system that softens and filters your water. Aquasana uses salt-free scale control media (SCM) and it’s a proven technology to prevent scale buildup inside the plumbing pipe. It’s a proven technology to prevent scale build-up and protect pipes from corrosion. Aquasana whole house water doesn,t remove any minerals from your drinking water. The SMC softening technology only changes containing hard water minerals into crystal form. The crystal form of minerals is unable to bind or attach with any surface.

A traditional salt-based water softener uses the chemical process to remove minerals from water, but aquasana doesn’t use any chemical. To reduce hard water minerals, it uses pre-filter. You will get clean and great tasting water from every tap in your house by using this water filter and softener. A huge amount of chlorine is mixed with city water. Traditional water softener can’t remove this chlorine. Aquasana water softener can remove 97 percent of chlorine from city water. This water softener and filter system also reduces many harmful contaminants like heavy metals, organic chemicals, and industrial solvent.

The aquasana whole house water softener also has a powerful UV filtration system. This UV filtration process can destroy almost 100 percent of viruses, bacteria, and chlorine resistant cyst. The aquasana whole house water softener is easy to install and it comes with all components including filter tank, conditioner tank, pre-filter, post-filter, brass fittings and shut off valves.

Aquasana Pros

  • Salt-free softening system and doesn’t use salt or chemicals
  • Capable of removing up to 97% chlorine from city water
  • Control media prevents scale build-up
  • Aquasana remove effects of hard water and preserves essential minerals
  • Capable of removing viruses, bacteria, and chlorine resistant cysts
  • Nature-friendly water softening system
  • Easy to install
  • Dual tank design and also easy to maintenance

Aquasana Cons

  • Not perfect for very hard water
  • Expensive too

3. Good Housekeeping Water Softener Reviews: Whirlpool WHES30

good housekeeping water softener reviews of Whirlpool WHES30E 30, 000 Grain Softener

Whirlpool WHES30 Features

  • Dimensions: 19 X 18 X 43.5 Inches
  • Weight: 95 Pounds
  • Grain Capacity: 30,000 Grains
  • Flow Rate: 7.6 GPM
  • Iron Removing Capacity: 8 PPM
  • Household Sizes: 1-4 peoples
  • Certification: NSF certified

Like most of the Whirlpool water softeners, the WHES30 is a combined unit of resin and brine tank. However, this water softener is appropriate for a small family consists of 1-4 peoples. You can also use it in a small office or shop for its smart space-saving design. We added this product in good housekeeping water softener reviews because of its salt and water-saving technology. That means it will save your water softener salt and money.

The regeneration system of whees30 is awesome. This softener system features an electronic control valve. And, the electronic control head of this system tracks the water usage and regenerates when it needs. This tracking system can reduce salt and water usage.

The whirlpool whes30 water softener also features a low salt indicator. This indicator will alarm you when it needs to refill.

This package contains all installation kits including a 1-inch connector. You can connect it easily with your plumbing line. The installation system of whes30 is also easy.

Whirlpool provides 1-year labor and parts warranty. If you buy 3 bottles of whirlpool WHEWSC water softener cleanse then warranty will extend to two years.

Pros of WHES30 Good Housekeeping Water Softener

  • The USA made product
  • Affordable price
  • Space-saving smart design
  • Salt-saving technology
  • Provides all installation kits
  • Easy to install and use
  • Low-salt indicator system
  • Excellent tech support
  • Full 1-year warranty on all parts, 3-years on electronics and 10 years on tank

Cons of WHES30 Good Housekeeping Water Softener

  • Not perfect for big family
  • Some users complain about the broken display and leaky bypass valve

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4. Whirlpool WHESFC Pro Series Water Softener Review

whirlpool whesfc pro series water softener- WHESFC PRO

Whirlpool WHESFC Pro Features

  • Capacity: 31,000 Grains
  • Dimension: 19 L x 18 W x 48 H
  • Weight: 112 lbs
  • Hardness Removal Rate: 120 Grains Per Gallons
  • Household Size: Up to 5 people
  • Warranty: 1 year

Are you worried about buying both a water softener and filter for your home? Don’t worry, Whirlpool WHESFC Pro Series is here to solve your problems in the budget. It is a versatile water softening and filtration system.

The capacity of Whirlpool WHESFC Pro is 31000 grains. It meets all household needs of up to 5 people with an average hardness removal capacity of 120 GPG.

The WHESFC Pro is NSF certified product. Its filtration system removes sediment, sands, chlorine odors and reduces heavy metals from household water.

Whirlpool WHESFC Pros

  • Functionally hybrid system – water softener and filter
  • Also, eliminate chlorine odor
  • Uses salt-saving technology to reduce water and salt wastage
  • Features self-cleaning filtration method 
  • Come with all installation kits

Whirlpool WHESFC Cons

  • Some users complained about split tanks and leaky bypass valve
  • Needs professional plumber due to incomplete instructions 

5. Genesis Premier 40,000 Grain Water Softener

Genesis Premier 40,000 Grain Features

  • Grain capacity: 40,000
  • Flow rate: 13 GPM
  • Household sizes: 1-4 peoples
  • Warranty: 10 years on control head, life-time on tanks
good housekeeping water softener Discount-Water-Softeners-Genesis-Premier-40000-Grain-Water-Softener

The genesis premier is a digital metered, on-demand, up-flow water softener device. It uses the latest technology to soften water. It has an advanced feature and simple design for easy programming and installation. You do not need to worry about re-programming because of its ‘set and forget’ system. It keeps all data before the next regeneration. Its standard memory will never lose your system settings forever. The genesis premier can save you up to 75% on salt usage and 64% on water. The flow rate of water is excellent which are 13 gallons per minute.

The system provides 10% cross-linked 1.25 cubic feet resin. 10% cross-linked means upgraded resin. The system contains also a large brine tank, 3/4″ and 1-inch bypass valve. Its big brine tank can hold up to 200 lbs of salt. Its up-flow regeneration is much economical than the traditional down-flow system. Genesis premier water softener also has an automatic refresh system. This automatic refreshing system flushes non-use water after seven days and prevents bacterial growth.

The Genesis Premier provides an excellent warranty. It provides 10 years warranty on the control head. It also provides a lifetime warranty on resin and brine tank. The installation system of genesis premier is easy, but you need some previous knowledge to do it.

Pros of Genesis Premier 40,000 Grain

  • Deals great with chlorinated municipal water
  • Easily programmable System
  • Salt-saving up follow regeneration technology
  • 10% cross-linked resin
  • NSF and WQA certified for effective hardness removal
  • It features an automatic refreshing system that prevents bacterial growth
  • 10-years warranty on control head and lifetime on tanks

Cons of Genesis Premier 40,000 Grain

  • PEX tube needed to buy for installation

6. Good Housekeeping Water Softener Reviews: Pentair WS48-56sxt10 Fleck

good housekeeping water softener for city wPentair-WS48-56sxt10-Fleck-water-softenerater

Pentair WS48-56sxt10 Fleck Features

  • Capacity: 48,000 Grains
  • Flow rate: 14 GPM
  • Dimensions: 10*10*54 inches
  • Weight: 130 pounds
  • Water consumption: 5 GPM
  • Warranty: 5 years manufacture warranty on control valve, 10 years on tanks.
  • Household sizes: 4/5 people

The Pentair WS48-56sxt10 fleck water softener is a great choice for city water. It is a full package of the brine tank, mineral tank, resin, bypass valve, and 1-inch yoke. The package includes 10% cross-linked 1.5 cubic feet high graded resin. City water contains a high concentration of chlorine and 10% crosslink resin works great against it. Pentair WS48-56sxt10 Fleck water Softener removes not only the containing hard water minerals but also the smell of chlorine. It uses an ion-exchange method to remove hard water minerals from your water. It can extend the lifetime of your plumbing system and home appliances by removing scale building contaminants.

Its meter based regeneration system will save your salt and water use. Meter based regeneration means it will regenerate after using a certain amount of water. The digital control valve of this system is outstanding. These valves have 5 years warranty and they have been tested to run 27 years continuously. The Pentair WS48-56sxt10 fleck water softener has 48 hours internal power backup system and user-friendly interface. In this system, you will get a control head that has a digital meter with touchpad controls. The safety float system prevents overfilling to avoid water messes. You can make your life easier with this excellent water softener.

Good Housekeeping Water Softener Reviews: Pros of Pentair WS48-56sxt10

  • Excellent warranty on the digital control head
  • Safety float prevents over-filling
  • Long lifetime
  • Fleck 5600sxt replacement parts are available 
  • Super easy installation

Cons of Pentair WS48-56sxt10

  • Requires continuous replacement of salt
  • The price is little bit high

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7. ABCwaters 5600sxt Fleck softener and carbon filter

ABCwaters 5600sxt Features

  • Capacity: 48,000 Grains
  • Flow rate: 12 GPM
  • Dimensions: 54*10*10 inches
  • Weight: 95 pounds
  • Warranty: 5 years manufacture warranty on control head, 10 years on tanks.
  • Household sizes: up to 5 people
  • Color: Black
Dual Tank Water Softener Cost
If you want to buy a good housekeeping water softener system, this product might be exact for you. It’s a special water softener for city water.  The 5600sxt Fleck 48,000 grains water softener is a combined system of water softener and carbon filter. It will make your water soft by reducing calcium, magnesium, and some other contaminants. The up-flow carbon filtration system of this softener removes a wide range of chlorine, chloramines, pesticide, herbicide, and chemicals. It is a well-equipped package with fleck 5600sxt digital valve, 2 American made tanks, 1.5 cubic feet high graded 10% cross-linked resin, installation video, kit, and instruction guide.

Fleck5600sxt digital valve will consume less power and it’s easy to use. The water flow rate is excellent which is 12 gallons per minute and it’s a perfect water softener for the family consist of 2-5 peoples. The up-flow carbon filtration system of this softener provides efficient filtration without any backwash. For up-flow carbon filtration, it also provides 1.5 cubic feet high activity carbon media. This carbon media is natural, which is derived from coconut shells and it removes chlorine, chloramines, and many other contaminants through absorption.

ABCwaters provides excellent warranty and guarantee on this water softener. The product comes with 5 years warranty on the fleck valve and 10 years on both tanks. It also provides 60 days money-back guarantee. You can call their technical support team at any time.

Pros of Good Housekeeping ABCwaters 5600sxt Fleck Softener Reviews

  • Features well-known fleck 5600sxt digital meter 
  • Salt saving up-follow regeneration system
  • The carbon filtration system removes contaminants of city water
  • Highly graded 10% cross-linked resin
  • Excellent warranty on both control head and tanks
  • Awesome Tech support

Cons of ABCwaters 5600sxt Fleck Softener

  • Costly option for water softening
  • Removes a slight amount of iron
  • The drain line needs to be purchased separately
  • The drain line needs to be purchased separately

8. Pelican PSE1800 whole House Water Softener and Filter

good housekeeping water softener reviews pelican pse 1800

Pelican PSE1800 Features

  • Dimensions: 19 X 32 X 59.5 inches
  • Grain Size: Carbon Series
  • Flow Rate: 15 GPM

Pelican pse1800 whole house water softener is one of the best water softeners for city water. This water softener is specially designed for city water. The contaminants in the city and well water are not the same. City water is pre-treated water and it contains much chlorine and chloramines. The PSE1800 is specially designed for removing city water contaminants like chlorine, chloramines, and many other small contaminants.

This pse1800 water softener and filter uses carbon media to filter bacteria, sediments, and algae from city water. The carbon media lasts at least 5 years and you do not need to change it before that time.

The pse1800 whole house water softener system features a pre-filter that is quite capable to catch any sediment from city or well water. This pre-filter also lasts eighteen to twenty-four months.

This water softener system uses alternative salt-free softening technology. The pelican pse1800 whole house water softener and filter system doesn’t use any salt or electricity.

The water flow rate of pelican pse1800 whole house water softener is 15 GPM that’s enough for small to medium family.

The pse1800 whole house water softener is easy to install and one of the best products in our good housekeeping water softener reviews list. The system comes with a lifetime warranty on all parts.

Pros of Pelican PSE1800 whole House Water Softener and Filter

  • Features three different stages of water filtration
  • Pre-filter removes large particles 
  • KDF filter media prevents bacterial growth in water  
  • Easy programmable metered head
  • Excellent water flow rate
  • 97% chlorine removing capacity
  • Removes sediments, sands, and derbies
  • Further, it reduces water-soluble heavy metals
  • Provides 90-day money-back guarantee 
  • Lifetime warranty on parts

Cons of Pelican PSE1800 whole House Water Softener and Filter

  • Can’t remove fluorides
  • Price is little bit high
  • Also, Pelican takes return shipping fees from consumers 

9. Good Housekeeping Water softener Reviews: SpringWell FutureSoft

SpringWell FutureSoft Features

  • Dimensions: 48″ (H) X 9″ (W)
  • Item Weight: 60 Pounds
  • Capacity: 10’00000 Gallons/Filter
  • Flow rate: 12 GPM
  • Guarantee: 6 months satisfaction guarantee
  • Warranty: Lifetime on all parts and tank

This item is not available right now, try similar Tier1 Eco Series for 1-3 Bathrooms

SpringWell FutureSoft is another good housekeeping water softener on our list. This softener needs no salt or electricity. SpringWell FutureSoft is a next-generation product that doesn’t waste water and has no negative effects on our environment. It’s a top-rated and most popular salt-free water softener system.

SpringWell FutureSoft softener system doesn’t use the ion-exchange method. It uses Template Assisted Crystallization (TAC) method to reduce the scale and other hard water effects.

SpringWell FutureSoft needs no maintenance and cleaning. It coats these minerals instead of capturing them. So you do not need to clean these captured minerals.

This water softener comes with six months of satisfaction guarantee. The system also provides a lifetime warranty on all parts. This water softener is easy to install. You can enjoy great-tasting water by installing this high-quality water softener.


  • Environment-friendly salt-free system
  • Reduce scaling and city water contaminants
  • No wastewater
  • Good water pressure
  • Almost maintenance-free softener system
  • Lifetime warranty on all parts
  • 6-months satisfaction guarantee
  • Easy installation procedure (comes with easy instructions and videos)
  • Top-quality customer support

10. Good Housekeeping Water Softener Reviews: Portable Water Boss 74011

good housekeeping water softener reviews

Water Boss 74011 Features

  • Dimensions: 19.5 x 32 x 16 inches
  • Capacity: 22,000 grains
  • Item Weight: 103 pounds
  • Warranty: 10 years

Water Boss 74011 is a highly efficient city water softener. It’s the smallest water softener on our list. This softener system comes with a compact and unique design to save space in your home.

The capacity of this small water softener is 22,000 grains. It’s one of the best city water softeners for small families. Water Boss 74011 is also a perfect softener system for small offices.

Water Boss city water softener comes with both a sediment and dirt filter. You can use it for both the city and well water but doesn’t remove iron from water. If your home water contains iron, you should choose another softener system from our list. But no doubt, it’s a great water softener for city water.

Chlorine is a common contaminant in city water. This softener system features a charcoal filter. It’s very effective at removing chlorine and chloramines from city water. This system also removes all types of odors from water.

This water softener also features a programmable LED display. You can set it to your need. For your small family, you can buy the Water Boss 74011 water softener.

Pros of Water Boss 74011

  • Space-saving compact design
  • Specially built for city water
  • Removes all odors and city water contaminants
  • Programmable LED display
  • Perfect for small families and offices

Cons of Water Boss 74011

  • Not perfect for well water with iron

11. iSpring Electronic Descaler and Alternative Water Softener

iSpring ED2000 Features

  • Dimensions: 7 X 3.5 X 2 inches
  • Item Weight: 2 pounds
  • Warranty: 1-year money-back guarantee
  • Tec. Support: Lifetime
water softener reviews consumer reports

iSpring ED2000 is an alternative water softener that doesn’t use any salt or chemicals. It’s an electronic system and prevents scale forming. This alternative water softener also breakdown the existing deposits.

iSpring Electronic Descaler creates an electromagnetic waveform. It increases the solubility of water molecules. As a result, hard water minerals can’t deposit into the plumbing pipe or on water appliances.

iSpring ED2000 Electronic Descaler Mechanism
This electronic descaler and alternative water softener is a great solution to avoid excessive salt intake. Conventional salt-based softeners release sodium ions in softened water. Taking too much sodium is a health hazard for us. Many physicians advise their patients not to take too much salt in drinking water. iSpring ED2000 doesn’t use salt. There is no option to release salt in softened water. iSpring ED2000 Electronic Descaler is a good housekeeping water softener for city water.

iSpring ED2000 computerized water descaler is an efficient water conditioning system. It works on any pipe like metal, PVC, or PEX.

ED2000 alternative water softener comes with a 1-year money-back guarantee. You will also get lifetime technical support from iSpring.

Pros of iSpring ED2000

  • Salt-free alternative water softener
  • Doesn’t use any chemicals
  • Prevents new scaling
  • Removes existing scales
  • Works on any types of plumbing pipes
  • 1-year money-back guarantee

Cons of iSpring ED2000

  • Needs extra filter for iron contaminated water
  • Not perfect for very hard water

Good Housekeeping Water Softener Reviews:Our Recommendation

You are looking for a unique water softener for city water, and we recommend you to select Aquasana Whole House Salt-free Water Softener.City water is different from well water. City water contains not only hard water minerals but also many other contaminants like chlorine, chloramines, organic chemicals. 

good housekeeping water softener Aquasana Whole House Water Filter System w Salt-Free Conditioner- Filters Sediment 97% Of Chlorine -

To remove these contaminants, aquasana whole house water softener will be perfect for you. Aquasana water softener doesn’t remove hard water minerals because they are not harmful to our health. Hard water minerals like calcium and magnesium are essential  and aquasana removes only the negative effects of hard water instead of minerals.

Aquasana uses scale control media to protect your plumbing system and valuable appliances from scale build-up. This media changes the minerals into crystal and crystal form of minerals can’t attach with plumbing pipes, appliances or your body. Aquasana also has a powerful UV filtration system and this system can destroy 100% of viruses, bacteria, and chlorine resistant cysts.

Aquasana whole house salt-free water softener provides 10 years warranty. It needs almost no maintenance and the system is easy to install. We think aquasana will be a good housekeeping water softener for city water.

Good Housekeeping Water Softener Reviews : Buying Guide

Different Types of Water Softeners

There are different types of water softeners available on the market. All the softener systems reduce mineral content from the water but they complete it in different ways. Based on the working method, we can classify them into six types. Let’s read our good housekeeping water softener reviews and know about them-

Salt-Based Water Softener Systems

Salt-based water softeners are known as traditional water softeners. This type of softener system uses salt to reduce or remove minerals from water. All salt-based water softener systems work with the ion-exchange method. These water softener systems need regular maintenance and salt supply. If you forget to put salt into the brine tank of your water softener, it will not supply softened water.

Salt-based water softeners are capable to remove hardness completely from the water. But they can’t remove chemicals and destroy bacteria that may present in water especially in city water.

Salt-Free Water Softener Systems

Salt-free systems don’t use salt to soften water. They use different processes to make water soft. Actually, salt-free systems can not be called softeners. You can call them water purifiers.

The salt-free water softener systems are good for city water. City water is pre-treated water and it may contain different chemicals. The salt-free water softener systems are much effective than salt-based systems. These water softener systems remove chemicals and bacteria efficiently.

Magnetic Water Softeners

The magnetic water softener systems are also known as salt-free systems. Because they don’t use any salt. Manufacturers introduce them as alternative water softeners.
The magnetic water softener system doesn’t remove any minerals from water. They neutralize minerals and prevent them to attach to any surface.

Reverse Osmosis Systems

Reverse osmosis systems are not thought of as water softeners but they can remove hard-causing minerals. Some reverse osmosis system has amazing feature to re-add beneficial minerals in drinking water. Most of the reverse osmosis systems use high-quality RO membranes to filter out microscopic pollutants.

Dual-Tank Water Softeners

Dual tank water softeners are designed for big houses that need a continuous water supply. Each Ion exchange water softener system has a process of regeneration. A single tank water softener can,t supply soft water during the regeneration period. But a dual-tank water softener can supply soft water constantly.

Shower-Head water Softeners

Most of the water softeners are built for the whole house and they are pretty costly. Shower filters bring the benefits of bathing with soft water at a low cost. The shower filters are very popular for low cost and easy use.

Hard water is harmful to our hair and skin. It can make the hair and skin rough. You can enjoy healthy skin and hair easily with a shower head water softener.

How to choose good housekeeping water softener for you

You should consider some important things before choosing any water softener for your home. It’s the most important to determine the hardness level of your water. It will help you to select the perfect one for your home.

To select the best softener system for city water, you should keep in mind some vital information.

Water Softener's Control Panel

Water softeners feature different control panel systems for operation. Before buying your desired water softener system, see which type of control panel it features. You have to know the answer to some relevant questions. For example, regeneration cycle controlling factor, duration, the amount of salt and water required for regeneration, etc. The main types of control systems are-

a) Timer Based Control Panel

The timer control panels regenerate based on the pre-set time. They are also known as the electronic head. However, Timer-based water softeners waste much more salt and water. Because these systems recharge after a certain period whatever you are present or outside for a long time from your home.

b) Demand Initiated Control Panel

It is the most sophisticated controlling system. This system regenerates when the resin needs recharging. A demand-initiated regeneration system can save you time and money. Because it regenerates based on the needs only.  

Hardness Level

Water hardness is the amount of dissolve amount of minerals in the water. Hard water contains calcium and magnesium at a high range. The hardness level of water depends on containing minerals.
So, calculate the actual hardness level of water before buying your good housekeeping water softener unit. And consider it when wanting a water softener unit for your home.

Water Hardness Level Calculation

To measure the hardness level, you first need to know the number of major minerals in your water. For this, you need to test your home’s water at your municipal or any other water analyzing lab.

Suppose your sample contains 160 mg/L of MgSO4.

Now, molar mass of MgSO4 =24 + 32 + (16×4) = 120

Chemical equivalent of MgSO4 = 120/2 = 60

Chemical equivalent of CaCO3 = 50

So, the equivalent of CaCO3 = (mass of hardness producing minerals x Chemical equivalent of CaCO3) / Chemical equivalent of hardness producing minerals
=(160 X 50)/60
=133.33 mg/L

The hardness level of your sample is 133.33 mg/L or ppm

Consider the purpose of your water softener

You should consider the purpose of your water softener. There are some differences between city water and well water. If you use city water, you should select a softener that works better against city water.

Consider pricing and quality

We want the best product to buy but a high price is a big issue here. There are many types of water softener in the market. You can buy a cheap one from them but they will not fulfill your expectations. An efficient water softener costs $500 to $1500. Many systems offer low price but they won’t last you long. In the end up they spend a lot of money on parts replacement.

Find out the type of water softener you need

The water softener or conditioner systems work with different methods. So, you should find out the proper system which will solve your problem. It will be best to analyze your home water before choosing a water softener. For this, you can go to a professional to determine the exact condition of your home water. 

Consider space availability

You should consider the available space you have in your house. Some systems are small in size but works effectively. You should see the dimension of the product before buying it.


Certification is always an important consideration when you buy any product. It doesn’t ensure the quality of any individual product, but it will boost your confidence. National Science Foundation (NSF) of the USA is an independent federal agency. They are the most trustable certified agency all over the world. You should buy an NSF certified water softener for your home for better quality. 

The WQA Gold Seal is another certification that ensures the efficiency of the product.

Easy Installation

All water softener manufacturers say their water softeners are easy to install. But, all water softener units are not easy to install. Some water softener systems come with all installation kits to make the job easier. So, try to choose a softener for your home that comes with all installation kits, easy instruction, and installation videos.


Warranty doesn’t ensure the quality of the product. But, it boosts your confidence in purchasing any product. We suggest seeing the warranty details before buying your desired good housekeeping water softener. Technical support is also prime consideration to pick up a water softener. So, don’t avoid these considerations to get the best water softener. Read our good housekeeping water softener reviews and buying guide to get answers to all of your questions.

Technical Support

Customer service and technical support are the most important factors when you decide to buy any product. This is even more important when it comes to buying a water softener. Generally, a water softener lasts around 20 years. During this period, your water softener unit can have many kinds of problems. To solve these issues, you must need quality customer service and technical support from the manufacturer or supplier.

Good Housekeeping Water Softeners Reviews: FAQs

1. Why do I need a Water Softener?

No one wants to spend a fortune on bottled water. It’s inconvenient and expensive. But, the good news is that you can get the same results for less money with a home water softener.

2. What are the Pros and Cons of Water Softeners?

Every technology has some good and bad sides. A water softener solves hard water problems. But, It has some cons too-

Benefits of Having a Water Softener

Water can help you in many ways. Let’s scroll down and read our good housekeeping water softener reviews.

Saves Money: Though hard water is not harmful to our health; it harms the plumbing system of our home. Hard water forms scale inside the pipe and decrease the lifetime of the total system. Mineral build-up can clog the pipes and decrease the water flow. A water softener can prevent clogging the pipe and extend the lifetime of the plumbing system. An efficient water softener also protects the precious appliance from hard water effects.

Clean and Soft Hair and SkinHard water has negative effects on hair and skin. Hard causing minerals deposit on hair and skin and make them dry and harsh. These minerals remove the natural oil of our skin and result in itchy and irritated skin. A water softener can solve these issues easily.

3. What should my water softener hardness be set at?

Most of the water softeners are easily programmable. You can set the hardness level without any trouble. For this, you should determine the actual hardness level of your home water. If you have iron contaminated water at your home, adjust the hardness level for this.
For example, If the hardness level of your water is 70mg/L, you would set it to 70 on your softener unit.

4. What is the Ideal Water Hardness?

  1. Soft water
  2. Moderately hard
  3. Hard
  4. Very hard

Water with hard minerals content of 0-60 mg per liter is considered soft water. If hard minerals are at 81-120 mg/liter, it is moderately hard water. 121-180 mg/L is considered as hard, and if it is 181 mg/L or more then it is called very hard.

So, the ideal water hardness level is 0-60 mg/L or a lower limit of moderately hard water. 

5. How do I know my water softener is working?

You can check your water softener is working or not. You can use one or more technic to do this. Using a water hardness test kit is the easiest to know it.

Water hardness test kits are available online and in hardware stores. It’s the actual test of water hardness. Determine the present hardness of your softened water. Then compare it to the previous hardness level you have determined before installing your softener unit. 

6. What does a water softener do?

There are different types of water softeners on the market. But all of them can’t soften water. Only ion-exchange or salt-based softeners can soften water. These ion-exchange water softeners use salt and resin beads. The resin beads trap the hard water minerals and exchange them with salt (sodium or potassium). When the resin beads become full of calcium and magnesium, the high concentrated brine solution washes them from the beads.

9. How long should a water softener last?

Quality water softener can last more than 20 years. It depends on the brand of the product and the quality of home water. High water hardness levels can reduce the lifetime of the softener system. If you live in a soft water region, your softener system can last more than 20 years.

Maintenance is another important factor here. Any well-maintained water softener will last longer than natural.

8. Are there Alternatives to water softeners that don't use salt?

There are lots of alternatives to the water softener. But they don’t soften water. Without the use of salt, alternative softener systems reduce only the effects of hard water. They coat or crystalize the hard minerals and prevent them from attaching to any surface. As a result, these hard minerals can’t make substances on the skin, hair, appliances, or in the plumbing pipe.

9. Which Type of Water Softener do I Need?

As you know, water softeners are a great way to soften the water that comes into your home. You can find several types of water softeners on the market. So, it can be tough to figure out which is right for you. But, you can make it easy by answering some questions.

First of all, which type of water(city or well) are you using? And then, what is the hardness level of your home water? If you are using city water or the hardness level is low. Then we will suggest you buy a salt-free water softener or conditioner. If not, you should take a salt-based softening system for your home.

10. Is Hard Water Affects Hair and Skin?

Hard water is a major problem as it can make skin and hair dry, brittle, and damaged. In long-term exposure to hard water, it can increase the risk of skin cancer.

Good Housekeeping Water Softener Reviews: Conclusion

We are at the end of our good housekeeping water softener reviews for city water. We hope our reviews have helped you to choose the best one. Please share our article with your friends.