Water Softener Price Comparison | System & Installation Cost 2022

Are you looking for a water softener but don’t know what type of system will work best for your budget and space? You’re in the right place. This water softener price comparison will help you learn more about all types of water softeners.

Water softeners have been in use for a long time, and they are also one of the most popular water treatment systems. They are used to remove the hardness and other minerals from the water that is supplied to homes. This water softener cost comparison will compare some of the most popular types available in the USA. It will also give you an idea about the price range, monthly maintenance, and cost factors for each type of water softener.

Water Softener Cost Factors

Water softeners are a great investment for your home. They will improve the quality of your water and make it taste better. They also help prevent damage to your pipes, which can be expensive to repair.

The price of a water softener depends on the type you choose and the size of your home. The most common types are whole house, point-of-entry, and point-of-use. Point-of-entry systems are usually more expensive than point-of-use systems because they need to be installed in the main water line before it enters your home. However, whole house systems require an installation by a professional plumber. And it costs between $500-$3,000 depending on the size of your home and the number of bathrooms.

Water Softener Price Comparison by Different Types

You will find different types of water softeners on the market. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages.

SI.Types of Water SoftenersPrice Ranges
01.Ion-exchange Water Softener (Single Tank)$400 - $2000
02.Ion-exchange Water Softener (Dual Tank)$800 - $3000
03.Salt-free Water Softener$400 - $3000
04.Magnetic Water Descaler$100 - $500
05.Reverse Osmosis System (Below counter)$100 - $500
06.Reverse Osmosis System (Whole House)$3000 - $10,000

Ion-exchange Water Softener

There are two basic types of water softeners: ion exchange or salt-based water softeners and salt-free water softeners. Ion-exchange water softeners work by exchanging calcium and magnesium ions for sodium ions. These water softeners are more affordable, but they require periodic regeneration with a salt solution. A single tank Ion-exchange water softener system costs $400-$2000. On the other hand, a dual-tank softener system of it can cost $800-$3000. 

Salt-free Water Softener

A salt-free water softener is a great option for people who have high blood pressure or are sensitive to sodium. It can be a bit more expensive than other types of water softeners. But it is worth the investment because it does not use any salt which can be a problem for some people.

Salt-free water softeners use an electric current to exchange calcium and magnesium ions for sodium ions. They don,t need salt or electricity to regenerate them. This is a more expensive option, but it is also more convenient. Because there is no need to add salt or electricity periodically. You can buy a salt-free water softener system for $400-$3000.

Salt-free Water Softener

Electronic Water Descaler or Magnetic Water Softener

Electronic Water Descaler or Magnetic Water Softeners use magnets to remove calcium and magnesium from hard water. They use magnetic fields to separate calcium and magnesium from other minerals in the solution. However, electronic water descalers are cheaper than salt or bicarbonate soda softeners. Moreover, and are also less expensive to operate.

Magnetic water softeners are easy to install and maintain. They also work quickly. So, they are an excellent choice for someone who wants their hard water problems fixed as soon as possible.

Magnetic Water softener

With the water crisis, people are looking for ways to reduce their household’s water usage. One solution is to get an electronic water descaler. Besides, these devices can install on any faucet and come in a variety of styles and prices. The cost of a standard water descaler can range from $100 to $500 depending on the type, size, and brand of the product.

Reverse Osmosis

The reverse osmosis system is the most effective water treatment system available on the market. It removes all of the contaminants from your drinking water by forcing it through a membrane under pressure. The price of reverse osmosis systems ranges from $100 -$1500.

Water softener Price Comparison by Different Brands

Now, we will compare the price range of water softeners based on different brands. Let,s take a look-

SI.Brand NamePrice Ranges
01Fleck Systems
04Kenmore$200 to $1200
08On The Go$200-$300
10APEC Water Systems$200-$3000

Fleck Water Systems Cost

Fleck water softeners are one of the most popular water softener brands in the market. They are popular for their ability to produce less waste, and for the fact that they can be installed in new and old homes. Fleck has a wide range of prices, which is why you need to know how much each one costs before you buy.

The prices of fleck water softeners vary from $200 to $1000. The more expensive ones usually provide better quality and more features than cheaper models.

Whirlpool Water Softener Price Range

Whirlpool is a trusted brand name in the world of water softeners. They have been manufacturing water softeners since 1958 and are one of the main suppliers in North America.

The price range for a Whirlpool water softener starts at $450 and goes up to $2,000. The price varies depending on the size, the features, and what type of water you are using at your home.

Whirlpool water Softener price


Aquasana water softener is a popular brand in the United States of America. It is most commonly used for water purification and filtration. It also removes chlorine and other harmful substances from the water.

They come in a wide range of prices, so you can find one that fits your budget. The pricing depends on the number of filters, filter life, and other features like installation services. The Aquasana water softener price ranges from $200 to $2000 depending on the model that you choose.


Kenmore water softener is a product of Sears. The company offers a wide range of water softeners, which are available at different price tags. The Kenmore water softener price ranges from $200 to $1200, which means that it is not very expensive and is affordable for most people.

The Kenmore water softener is an efficient and cost-effective solution for people who are experiencing hard water problems in their homes. It can remove the hardness from the tap water, which will make it softer and more comfortable to use.


GE Water softener is a well-known brand in the water softener industry. It has been around for over 50 years. However, GE Water softener has been a pioneer in water treatment, always striving to produce the best products for its customers. 

GE Water softeners are designed to soften water for residential and commercial use. They are available in a range of price points, so there is something for everyone.

GE GXMH31H 31,100 Water Softener Review
GE Water Softener

GE water softeners remove the hardness from your water, making it softer and more suitable for washing clothes, dishes, and bathing. GE also has a variety of models that can be customized to meet your needs. GE’s Softeners use dual-salt technology that allows them to provide softened water at a lower salt usage rate per gallon than other brands.


When you go to buy a water softener, you might be overwhelmed with the number of options. You can find water softeners in many different price ranges.

iSpring water softener is a type of water softener that removes calcium and magnesium from the water. This helps to keep your pipes from corroding, which can lead to leaks and other expensive repairs. The cost of an iSpring water softener varies depending on the size you purchase. The price range for iSpring water softeners is from $250 to $1000. The prices vary depending on the features that you want and the size of your home or business.

ispring water softener price comparison

iSpring Water Softeners are a great way to save money in the long run by preventing costly repairs or replacements.

AFWFilters Water Softener Price Comparison

AFWFilters is a brand that manufactures water softeners. They offer a wide range of water softeners with different price tags. AFWFilter offers a variety of water softener models. These models vary in terms of the price range, size, and features. The company also offers an online calculator to help you find the right model for your needs. As of 2014, AFWFilters offers a water softener that is the industry standard for low-cost and high-quality. The company markets its units as the “economy choice” for those looking to save money by purchasing one of their less expensive models.

The average American spends about $4,000 per year on water and wastewater services. The AFWFilter is a revolutionary technology that can cut your water and wastewater costs by up to 90%. With the AFWFilter, you will be able to drink clean, clear water that is free of harmful contaminants. AFWFilters also save you money with their excellent filtration process.

water softener price comparison


If you are looking for a water softener that is not expensive, then the Waterdrop water softener might be the perfect fit for you. It is an affordable product that has everything you need to get clean and soft water in your home.

Waterdrop water softeners are a great product to have in your home because they will help reduce the amount of chlorine in your tap water while also eliminating any minerals and hard substances that may be present in your drinking water. This will help to prevent any buildup or clogs from occurring in your pipes as well.

These are just some of the amazing benefits of having a Waterdrop water softener at home!

On The Go

There are many water softeners available in the market. However, not all of them are suitable for all kinds of water. So it is important to know your needs and requirements before buying a water softener.

The On The Go water softener is a great choice for people who have hard or high mineral content in their water and need to soften it for drinking purposes. It is also good for those who want to use their tap water for cooking purposes.

The On The Go water softener has an affordable price range which makes it a great option if you are looking for a cost-effective solution that you can install easily by yourself.

APEC Water Systems

The APEC Water Systems water softener is a product that can help to remove the hardness and impurities from your water. It is also capable of removing calcium, magnesium, and iron from your water. The APEC Water Systems water softener is an affordable option for many people who are looking for a way to reduce their hard-water issues.

APEC Water Systems offers a variety of different models for consumers to choose from. They offer models that range in price from $200-$3000, so there should be something available for everyone.

how much is water softener cost
APEC Water System

Water Softener Price Comparison on Grain Capacity

Many factors affect the price of a water softener, such as how much grain capacity it has, what type of material it is made out of, whether or not it includes a bypass valve, etc.

The hardness of water is measured in grains per gallon. A higher grain capacity means a higher price for the water softener. A water softener that has a 10-grain capacity will cost more than a 5-grain capacity. Let’s see the water softener price comparison table by required grain capacity-

SI.Grain CapacityPrice Ranges
01Up to 24,000 Grains$300-$700
0232,000 Grains$400-$800
0348,000 Grains$600-$1200
0464,000 Grains$800-$1500
0580,000 Grains$1200-$2000
0696,000 Grains$1500-$3000

Water Softener Price Comparison Based on Features

Water softeners are devices that can remove hard water minerals from water. They work by passing the water through a tank filled with ion-exchange resin beads. The resin beads attract and bind to the minerals, which then get removed from the water.

The price of a water softener will depend on its features. For instance, a single-tank system is cheaper than a dual-tank system because the single-tank system only needs one tank while the dual-tank system needs two tanks.

However, there are other special features to consider when deciding on which water softener to buy such as: salt usage, installation process, warranty, and more.

Single Tank Water Softener Price Comparison

A single-tank water softener is one of the most popular types of water softeners in the United States.

It is also one of the most affordable, which can make it an attractive option for homeowners. This water softener has a sloped design which reduces the buildup of mineral debris. This also takes little space and allows for faster and easier crystal clear water.

single tank water softener price comparison
Single Tank Water Softener

Dual Tank Water Softener Cost

The dual tank water softener is one of the most popular types of water softeners available today. It has two tanks that are filled with salt and connected to a brine tank, which stores a solution of salt and potassium chloride. The two tanks are filled in different ways: one fills up when the other empties or both fill at the same time depending on how much salt was used in each cycle.
Dual Tank Water Softener Cost
Dual Tank Water Softener

Dual tank water softeners are generally more expensive than single tanks because they require an additional investment in plumbing.

Water Softener Systems Comparison by Other Special Features

The special features of a water softener can vary from household to household. The most common features are a bypass valve and an expansion tank. The bypass valve is used when you want to use hard water for certain purposes like laundry or cleaning purposes. An expansion tank is used when you have high pressure in your home and need to release some pressure before it becomes dangerous or damages your appliances.

Some water softeners have more advanced features.

A salt-free regeneration system that allows you to regenerate without salt or electricity. An auto-flush system that automatically flushes out the resin beads with fresh water after every cycle. On the other hand, a timer-based softener shuts off the machine after two hours and restarts it in the morning.

Water Softener Price Comparison by Water Hardness

SI.Water HardnessRequired Grain CapacityWater Softener Cost
01.06-09 GPG24,000 Grains$300-$700
02.10-12 GPG32,000 Grains$400-$800
03.13-17 GPG48,000 Grains$600-$1200
04.18-20 GPG64,000 Grains$800-$1500
05.20+ GPG80,000 Grains$1200-$2000

Water Softener Cost Comparison by Portability

Water softeners are devices that soften the water in a household. There are two different types of water softeners, portable and non-portable.

Portable Water Softener Expense

These water softeners are easier to install and move around. A portable water softener is often cheaper than a non-portable one because it does not need installation costs and plumbing work to install it. However, it is easier for people who want to move their water softener from one place to another.

Portable water softeners are a great option for those who are always on the go. They have many benefits, like being lightweight and easy to set up. They also come with a smaller price tag than non-portable water softeners.

Non-portable Water softener Price Comparison

The non-portable water softener is a type of water softener that does not require moving. It’s the general type of water softener and comes in a variety of prices. A quality non-portable water softener can cost you $500-$3000.

How Much does a Water Softener Cost Per Month for Maintenance?

Water softeners are a good investment for households that solves hard water issues. It is a great way to remove the calcium and magnesium ions in the water, which can cause scaling. There are many different types of water softeners on the market, but they all work similarly by exchanging ions from one substance for another.

The cost of maintaining a water softener depends on your usage and the type of water softener you have. If you have a salt-based system, it will cost around $10 per month to maintain it. If you use citric acid or siliphos, then it will be around $5 per month.

SI.Cost FactorsMonthly Cost
01.Salt for Ion-exchange Water Softener$5-$20 USD (depends on water usage)
02.Water & Sewer for Ion-exchange Water SoftenerAround $15 USD
03.Citric Acid for Salt-free Conditioner$7-$15 USD
04.Siliphos for Some Conditioner$10-$20 USD
06.ServicingFree or $10-$12 USD

Salt for Ion Exchange Water Softener

Ion exchange water softeners are a type of water softener that uses salt or potassium chloride to remove the hard minerals from the water. The resulting softened water is more pleasant to use.

The typical cost for salt for an ion exchange water softener is between $0.50 and $1.00 per pound. However, required amount of salt depends on how much you use it in your home.

water softener salt price
Water Softener Salt

The monthly maintenance cost for an ion exchange water softener is typically around $10 per month. And, It also includes checking the hardness level and adding more salt as needed.

Citric acid for salt-free conditioners

Citric acid is the most common water softener additive. It is a natural product and can be extracted from various sources. Citric acid cost for salt-free conditioners is usually much higher than citric acid for regular water softeners.

For salt-free water softeners, you have to pay for siliphos for some conditioners, and electricity. Servicing costs will apply for both salt and salt-free water softeners.

How Much Does A Good Water Softener Cost?


Water softeners are an important part of any home that has hard water. The price of water softeners can vary greatly depending on your needs. We have tried to show details in our water softener price comparison article. Thanks for staying with us. if helpful, please share this article.

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